Bols Jonge

Made according to an 1820 recipe by the Lucas Bols Co., which has been distilling since 1575, making it the oldest distillery brand. The palate: rich, silky, and smooth with sweet grassy notes and fresh baked bread with juniper. A dark, non-sweet chocolate finish with short juniper berry notes. "Jonge" translates to young or newer style.

Bols Oude

Made by the oldest, still active Dutch distillery. Made in the "Oude" or old style, indicating a higher percentage of malt wine in the base. At 70 proof, the Oude is sweeter than the Jonge and also more malty, spicy, and even smoky.

Diep 9 Jonge

Made from Belgium's smallest active grain distillery, founded in 1910—it is the first Belgium spirit to be imported to the U.S. Created with nine botanicals and bottled in historic, handcrafted clay jugs. Twice distilled from rye, wheat, and malted barley according 10 19th century techniques. A 15% malt wine (grain mash) by definition—it is smooth and clean with a silky finish.

Diep 9 Oude

Infused with nine botanicals: juniper berries, sweet orange peel, blessed thistle, St. John's bread (carob), nutmeg, grains of paradise, angelica root, cinnamon, and coriander. Made in the "Oude" or old style, by definition 40% malt wine and then barrel-aged in French Oak for two years. Smooth taste and finish is accomplished by aging with malty, earthy flavors.